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EVO Oil, 100% Bio

Organic first of all!

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is organic. It results from an obsessive care that, every day, we set forth again in our fields.

Our extra virgin Olive Oil originates from olives entirely produced in our fields. From the variety of “Nocellara del Belice”, “Nocellara Etnea” and “Nocellara Messinese”, our olives are cultivated without pesticides, weed killers and other toxic substances.

The delicate and fruity scents of our EVO Oil bring out the taste of traditional Mediterranean dishes and are perfect in combination with every kind of course, as uncooked and cooked.

It’s necessary to crush olives the same day they are harvested

The olive harvest usually starts at the end of October and, depends on weather conditions, could be continue until the end of November. Along the production process, the harvest is a crucial phase: if done at the wrong time, it will compromise the quality our EVO Oil.

Let’s start myth to dispel. The handmade harvest is not a quality factor. In order to preserve the freshness of our organic olives, the harvest is mechanized.

We utilize a machinery with a vibrating arm. This arm, hooked to olive tree’s trunk, permits olives to fall down inside a harvester shaped like a upside down umbrella.

The mechanized harvest is synonymous of quality. It allows us to harvest a wide amount of olives, justifying the olive milling the same day we harvest them. Thanks to the mechanized harvest, it passes on few hours from the harvest to the transformation: it’s a short step from field to trusted olive oil mill, that is likewise certified organic.

Our EVO Oil worth it!

Our EVO Oil is sustainable and has infinite healthy properties:

  • it’s rich of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, which prevent from cardiovascular disorders;
  • it has a high content of polyphenols, a natural defense against the formation and the development of many types of cancers;
  • it’s a natural source of vitamin E, which protect from ageing processes;
  • it abounds of squalene, an efficient substance to contrast skin cancers.

Almonds, 100% Bio

Genuine protein, to live better!

Our Almonds are naturally sweet, healthy, delicious and obviously Sicilian.

Our almonds, certified by Ecogruppo Italia S.r.l., are exclusively organic. They are produced in shell, with shell, peeled, and last but not least, almonds orange flavored.

All our almonds are cultivated in our fields, in Mazzarino, a countryside area near Caltanissetta, in the center of Sicily, without chemical fertilizers, weed killers and insecticides.

Rich of protein and fully energetic, but at the same time easy to digest, our Almonds are a perfect snack for sport addicted or those ones who want to get genuine energy back.

Our production processes

We harvest almonds at the beginning of August in a mechanized way. We utilize a machine with a shaking arm, hooked to almond tree’s trunk. This machine allows to fall down, thought vibrations, dried fruits on a gatherer with a upside down umbrella shape.

This mechanized harvest method allows us, not only, to minimize the production costs and harvest faster, but, thanks to vibrations, it permits to oxygenate our tree’s roots.

After the harvest, we separate almond from green husk, which is adhered to shell. After that, through specific desiccators, we eliminate humidity from inner seeds. Therefore, our almonds are ready to be shelled and then peeled. Today, as with the harvest, we use machineries in order to simplify and make faster our job.

An energetic snack, full of calcium

The presence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids makes our almonds extremely energetic and nutritious. But our almond snacks are also rich of calcium. They are perfect for those ones who do usually sport, child or pregnant women.

It’s enough to eat 5 or 10 almond par day, in order to cover the 10% of human daily basic necessities of calcium!

Our Almonds are a cure-all and have many benefic effects, as:

  • they prevent from osteoporosis, they contain also magnesium, as well as calcium, i.e. the same minerals that compose human bone tissue;
  • they reduce the probability of hearth attack and ictus risk because they decrease triglyceride and cholesterol levels in blood;
  • they are a natural source of Vitamin E, the “Beauty Vitamin”, which protect us from ageing processes;
  • they tackle diabetes, because they permit to slow down intestinal assorbment of glucose that every day we eat.

Licia Guccione

Prodotti tipici Siciliani


Licia Guccione

Prodotti tipici Siciliani


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Licia Guccione

Prodotti tipici Siciliani